Provincial Government of Burgos

Provincial Government of Burgos is the main actor responsible for carrying out a policy of development on the territory it represents: The province of Burgos is an area of 14.300 km2, composed by 371 municipalities. The Provincial Government of Burgos is carrying on its cultural activity through the Culture Department. Since 1999, the Provincial Government of Burgos has developed a cultural Programme which has had a main goal: recover the ancient theatre of Clunia for scenic activities.

Provincial Government of Burgos – Culture Department is the lead partner of ATHENE project. Culture Department coordinates the components related with Cultural Cooperation and Networking.

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Diputación Provincial de Burgos
Paseo del Espolón, 34
09003 Burgos - Spain
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José María Saiz <>


Society for the Development of the Province of Burgos

SODEBUR, the Society for the Development of the Province of Burgos, is a public entity created for the Provincial Government in order to promote the social and economical development of the rural areas in the province of Burgos. The Society has four main services: Industrial Engineering and Investments, Social and Economical Promotion, Institutional Cooperation and Image and Tourism.

SODEBUR is in charge of the overall management and coordination of the project, administrative tasks and financial management.

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Edificio Consulado del Mars
Paseo del Espolón, 14
09003 Burgos - SPAIN
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Beatriz García Val <>


Municipality of Lecce

The Municipality of Lecce is a local administration regularly involved in administrative activities. With particular reference to the issue of cooperation, the Municipality of Lecce is active in best practices exchanges with European, national, regional and local institutions also considering the challenge of structural funds 2007-2013, which have a considerable impact on both urban planning and development.

The goal is to reinforce the citizen’s dimension at the European and national level and to develop administrative action to the strategic objectives of the economic and social cohesion policy of the EU. In this way, the Municipality of Lecce, as partner of a network, can realize sustainable growth in a more competitive territory.

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Comune di Lecce
Via Rubichini, 1
73100 Lecce - ITALY
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Raffaele Parlangeli <>


Archaeological Museum of Istria

The Archaeological Museum of Istria, besides of its cultural and educational offer, is responsible for the design and implementation of key cultural activities on Pula city, benefitting from the incomparable venue that some of the city’s ancient ruins and remains provide.

The Archaeological Museum of Istria is nowadays organized as the Archaeological Department (consisting of the Prehistoric, Roman, Medieval and Modern Age Collections, with a Numismatic Collection and an Underwater Archaeology Collection in the founding stage), the Documentation Department, the Library Department, the Education Department and the Conservation-Restoration Department.

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Carrarina Street, 3
52100 Pula - CROATIA
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Darko Komso <>