ATHENE Project

¿What is ATHENE??

ATHENE project aims to contribute to intercultural dialogue and cultural cooperation, through the revitalization and valorisation of Mediterranean Ancient Theatres (Greek and Roman legacy).


The objectives of ATHENE

Cultural Mobility of artistic products
Definition and implementation of a joint international ATHENE Festival in different disciplines. It aims to recover and valorise the ancient culture and legacy in the construction of the identity and values of the new European citizenship and to promote intercultural dialogue making visible the shared roots, values and culture.
Mobility of Cultural Professionals
Encouraging mobility through stays and good practices exchange workshops of culture managers of Ancient theatres, aiming at improving their skills on culture management and on tourist valorisation of these places.
Intercultural Dialogue
Identification, characterization, selection and dissemination of artistic and cultural performances that promote intercultural dialogue among Mediterranean people, through the creation of a database and programming of joint festival, and the setup of the foundations for the creation of a Mediterranean Ancient Theatres Network.


To do so, during 2 years from May 2013 to April 2015, the project will organize different activities among the 4 partners involved.