Our Work Plan

ATHENE is organized in two different phases (complemented with management & coordination and communication & dissemination issues) in which the 4 partners are involved.


Cultural cooperation

A Euro-Mediterranean Festival will be programmed and organized during the summer of 2014 in the three different partner countries (Spain, Italy and Croatia). It will consist in several common performances (classical theatre, traditional-folk and classical music and dance) which will be represented in all the involved theatres in an itinerant way.

ATHENE Festival will be, thus, international on its nature, as it will born as the result of the concerted efforts of the three participant ancient theatres and cultural operators which will come up with a joint Festival Programme.

Festival will be coincident in time with interesting and varied Parallel Cultural Programme Events in all the cities.

All information about both Euro-Mediterranean Festival and Parallel Cultural Programmes in the three partner countries will be available in this web page during the second trimester of 2014.

For people who can’t attend to the Festival in situ there will be the possibility (in this web page) of watching on live streaming (and recorded) the various artistic performances taking place in the framework of ATHENE Festival.


This component is aimed at strengthening the cultural cooperation among ATHENE partners and will be open from its start to other potential Ancient Theatres’ cultural managers at national and European level.

Main activities included in this component are the following ones:

International database on Cultural Events.

It will contain information about the different cultural events held in the involved theatres and countries during the last five years.

This database will be available in this web page during the first trimester of 2014 only for partners and entities interested in this matter which had contacted previously with the coordinator.
Good practices Exchange Workshop.

This workshop will be coincident in time with the third Steering Group meeting which will take place in Pula-Croatia (October, 2014).

Exchange will be based in the field of both cultural management and successful business models looking for economic valorisation and cultural offer dissemination. Managers of partner Ancient Theatres plus other regional and national stakeholders will participate in this workshop.

ATHENE Network

From the beginning of the project, ATHENE activities will be open to other Ancient Theatres (Roman and Greek) placed in the Mediterranean area interested in taking part in any of the foreseen activities.

If your municipality, region or entity is interested in getting access to the project, compliment the following procedure and contact the coordinator.